{About Me}

{Me snorkling in Key West as a little girl}

I am a Florida born and raised woman who haphazardly moved to Memphis, TN in 2006. Well, I NEVER imagined I would end up in Memphis.  God has a plan and has kept me laughing throughout the entire journey.  I was blessed to meet a man in 2007 who is now my Husband.

{My incredibly intelligent and wonderful husband}

I have a sweet tooth from hell.


I love horror, especially anything to do with Zombies.


I am a night owl or as my sleep doctor says, I have "Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome".

{Okay Bethany okay...I will...as soon as the sun comes up...}

I'm obsessed with indie nail polish.


I love taking photos of everything around me.

{Nature is always my favorite thing to shoot}

I own two businesses that keep me WAY too busy.


I have LOVED the color blue ever since I was a little girl.

{Yup...me in a BLUE dress as a toddler}

I am obsessed with stars, galaxies, and anything to do with space.

{Just thinking of the size of the universe makes you realize earth is just a speck of what's out there}

The title of my blog derives from the experiences I endured from a tortured childhood.  I plan on delving into the trauma in greater detail as my blog goes on.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to provide myself with a platform for a therapeutic outlet. What happened to me and the things I have endured are some of the worst things you can imagine. I was not allowed to stand up for myself as a child as these things were being done to me. I found my voice in my 20's and I still have a hard time with sharing what I have endured because of certain family members trying to protect a very evil man. He is dead now (karma is a BITCH) so I am free from ever seeing him again, but what he did to me will never go away and has severely affected me my entire life. 

{This photo was taken in the height of those traumas...my face speaks volumes}

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